Visit Guesthouse La Ermita

Visit the Guest House of La Ermita and profit from the occasion to receive daily HarpMood blessing from Yoginâm.

Only in La Ermita, and usually twice a day, Yoginâm gives the blessing of a private HarpMood to visitors.

What is a HarpMood?

All inspiration, guidance and healing depends on the state of the soul and its Attunement with the essence of life. Attuning is not something that you can learn and exercise for. It comes automatically when the attachment to ideas and opinions of the usual ego-interests is transcendent.

In order to guide people to this transcendence some spiritual masters write and talk, in the hope that the words and phrases will bypass the analysing mind and reach the resonance of soul, where both the obstructions are rooted and an opening for transcendence into unconditional Well-Being can be made. Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious (Abbahjí) found a method, or rather the method found him, in which sound is the vehicle for this communication of inspiration, guidance and healing. Sound bypasses mind entirely and connect in communication directly with the resonance of soul.

HarpMood is not a kind of spiritual background music to quieten the deliberation of mind and create a beneficial atmosphere for meditation. The sounds are the actual individual communication, in which resonance is exchanged. Therefore the sequence of tones of the HarpMood are different for everyone, because everyone is unique as a living human being.

As a vehicle for inspiration, guidance and healing the HarpMood of Yoginâm is unique and it is a blessing that the guesthouse of La Ermita has become realised that allows people to receive it throughout the year.

Profit from the opportunity to receive the blessing of a sequence of individual HarpMood by visiting La Ermita in Salobreña.

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