By Yoginâm

When I look well, but I have to look very well
I do not see a world of people around me
A world with their forms, interests, hates and loves
What I see, but I have to look very well,
Is an infinity of resonance that appears to me
As forms, as movements, as colours and sounds

I move my hand in front of my face
And I see the ripples of moving in ever wider circles
Then the hand disappears, no longer is it a form
I speak a word and I see the colour of sound
Spreading wider and wider and reflecting back
I tumble weightless in an infinity
Something like etheric water, refined air, a void
Resonating fields that come and go
And I am no more than a field of attention

Attention creates my hands, my feet, my body
It creates thoughts and feelings and desires
Nothing other than attention; rippling in resonance
I am the painter that paints the colours and the forms
On a multidimensional screen where they come and go

My body was never born, it emerged in resonance
A field of attention refining itself through duration
Attention within and of infinity; never ‘other than’
Always It. There is no ‘other than’ to It
My body will never die; just constricted attention dissolving
Flowing into other fields; creating by other attention
This is the infinity that I can only affirm to as Nâm
Always hidden within attention itself
Silent; moving and infinitely the same

Ignoring Nâm, people are afraid of infinity
Their fears impose an attaching to ‘this and that’
They imprison themselves in realities and truths
That generate interests, laws, regulation and limitation
By affirming themselves they need enemies, wars and conflicts
They are ready to destroy for their futile attachments

That they would only realise Nâm
Always silent, always equal, always in peace
Distorted attention generates waves and whirlpools
Violent and screaming colours; dark and murky
In Nâm they would bathe in infinity
Violent upheavals would cease and colours lighten

In Nâm artifice of assumptions and pride evaporate
Definite truths with their laws and regulations
Become futile; mere hypotheses for limited purposes
Not enough to kill for, discriminate for or to defend
Nâm is the sharing, the joy of togetherness
All and everything swimming in the same resonance

Such sharing is happiness, joy, pleasure and love
How could it be otherwise?
When we are attuning to infinity
How could there be a something that needs to struggle
That needs enemies and defending
How could there be pride and intolerance
When what I am intolerant to is me

Every instant of living, forms, colours, sounds and movement
Shape themselves in the attention that is me
I am these forms, these colours, these sounds and movements
It is the precious gift of life that there can be well-being
That opens by attuning through attitudes and behaviour

Colour your lives with love and loving-kindness
Be of service to all that appears around you
Be always ready to give and to contribute to what appears
Cultivate limitless respect for all forms in their being
Humans, animals, plants, environment and a multiverse
They are the colours and sounds in you
And though they may be fleeting movement in resonance
For the field of attention that you are, they are utterly real

Learn from what appears as everyday life
It demonstrates and guides you to a Nâm affirming ethics
Your liking and disliking, accepting and avoiding are the tools
When you measure them against Nâm your way is beneficial
When you measure them against the interests of an illusion
With its fears, hopes, opinions and preferences, it is detrimental

Affirm Nâm as what constitutes everyday living
Colour the flow of instants with love and beauty
Create in your field of attention unconditional joy
Wish love and peace to all that appears in communication
This is the way of living Nâm; of carrying Nâm
This is, what I realise, the Task of Human Living


24 November 2018