In olden times, people looking for council would visit a Sage:
someone who possesses wisdom that isn’t based in knowledge, but which expresses itself in Awareness.

After a visit to a Sage, you would be able to better manage your life.
These days, people in need of sage advice will visit a psychologist, a therapist or coach, or they seek spiritual meaning or religious support.

The question remains however as to what truly works, in order to manage your life in such a way that you end up with well-being - something that every human being longs for in a natural way, just as with food and water.

A Sage is a personification of Awareness.
Being in their presence enables you to discover what this can mean for you.
Yoginâm is a modern 21st-century sage, whom anyone can visit.
He communicates by ways of the written word such as poetry, and in silence by way of the sound of HarpMood.

It makes no difference what kind of cultural background you have, his communication is universal.

This website represents an open invitation.