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What kind of work should one do?

What kind of work should one do to contribute to society and to life? Well you ask me two different questions. They are the obvious question, which is what people, what kind of career people should do in order to contribute to the organisation of social, to society, the organisation of the world. But there […]

Discovering Nâm by looking very well

DISCOVERING NÂM BY LOOKING VERY WELL By Yoginâm When I look well, but I have to look very well I do not see a world of people around me A world with their forms, interests, hates and loves What I see, but I have to look very well, Is an infinity of resonance that appears […]

What happens in Harpmood?

The HarpMood is a kind of a healing. It is a communication. I do not know what I’m going to play the moment or the instant before I touch the string. And I’m sometimes very surprised what I’m playing. Usually before a HarpMood I get the inspiration of what Mood I have to tune the […]

What is spirituality?

Good question: “What is spirituality?” It is being what you are. Living the full potential of what it means to be a human being, that’s spirituality. Of course people think that the limited human being is a human being. But the human being is more than the limited human being. So true spirituality includes that. […]

The importance of spirituality nowadays

What is the importance of spirituality nowadays? I think it is just as important as it always was. Except nowadays true spirituality is lacking and I conclude that from looking at the world, looking at the people, looking at their ideals, looking at what they say, looking about their agonies, looking at their illnesses. Then […]

About What You Can Do

In the face of the state of the world, you ask me ‘What can one person do?’ There’s a nice story: There was a big fire in the forest. And all the animals were trying to extinguish the fire. And they were all running to the river to carry water and to take water to […]

Gratefulness and Awe

By Yoginâm Abbahjí It is natural to be grateful And express gratefulness After having been granted a service Or after having received a gift. Apart from natural gratefulness There is also the unnatural gratefulness The role playing with regard to authority A gratefulness expressed for your benefit With the prospect of receiving more. People project […]

About Spiritual Masters

You ask me why does somebody come to a spiritual master? You should understand a spiritual master is not a guru, he’s not teaching you something. I don’t want anything from you. You can’t even follow me. What I do is, I try to change something in you that you can not reach by your […]

What is a spiritual master doing

 If you want to know what a spiritual master is doing, you have to know what a spiritual master is. A spiritual master is somebody who in one or another way, attracts devotees and I don’t know why. But, apart from just being charismatic, the real duty of a spiritual master, that what makes […]

An encounter with Yoginâm

Because of the specific nature of such an encounter, which generally is not very well known in the Western tradition, clarification of a few concepts may be helpful for benefitting optimally from such an encounter. Mystic and Spiritual Master A mystic is somebody who expresses with his life a realisation of the essential nature of […]